Mission Statement

The Mitchell Elementary Dads’ Club is a parent volunteer group dedicated to improving the school for our children by supporting the staff, programs, parents, and students. Dads’ Club provides opportunity for fathers to make a positive difference in the lives of our children by setting examples of leadership, excellence, integrity, and friendship. The Dads’ Club encourages all fathers and father figures to become more involved in the educational journey of their children.


What is the difference between Watch Dogs & Dads’ Club?
Watch Dogs is an international program in which fathers spend an entire day at their children’s school while following a pre-planned curriculum set forth .
Dads’ Club has been set up as an extracurricular social network. We will host several events throughout the year while also offering opportunities for fathers and father figures to volunteer at Mitchell.

•What are the volunteer opportunities Dads’ Club offers?
Dads’ Club has been tasked with the objective to increase the overall male presence on campus. One of the most critical ways we can do this is by assisting the staff in the carpool lane on Mondays and Fridays, both AM&PM. This is an easy and fun way that not only helps the staff tremendously but emphasizes our goal visually to the students and community.

•When and Where will Dads’ Club meet?
There will be no set meetings for Dads’ Club. Each activity that will take place will require different venues. There will be times that our children will accompany us and times set up just for dads. The type of activity will thus determine the location.

A signup genius will be created to begin to help with carpool, and biweekly emails will go out to keep everyone informed of what is going on. 


For more information contact: 

Steven Divine