Meteor Manuscript Program


Is your child an author? An illustrator?
Meteor Manuscript is back this year!

Each student participating can create an individual book
that will contain their own writing and illustrations.


Calling all Mitchell Authors:


Mitchell Meteor Manuscripts wants to turn your story into a BOOK. Did you do something fun over Summer or Winter Break? Do you have a funny story to tell? Do you enjoy creating your own stories straight from your imagination? Maybe you would like to share the facts you have

researched about your favorite person, animal, or historical event. Are you a poet and would like to share your insights? Your very own

literary creation can be hot off the press this spring! Please take time to write a story or type it on a computer and submit it on 8 1/2 x 11 paper to your teacher by March 16th.   Stories written for this year’s Reflections contest are welcomed as well as new creations.  You can add drawings, pictures or images from the computer. You can just write your story and let your reader imagine what you describe. This is YOUR book!  Please get started on your creations!  STORIES DUE NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, MARCH 16th.  The date for the Student Author Receptions during your child's library day and time will be announced soon. 


~ Story is written and illustrated at home.
~ Return the finished product to your child’s teacher by due date.
~ Please ensure content is appropriate, for example: nonviolent.
~ The story should be 4~6 pages in length, please include a cover page.
~ Parents will receive an invitation to attend the book review during the child’s library time.


Due Dates:



Please contact Briana Meixelsperger at with any questions.