Annual Spring Carnival


Saturday, April 8th
10:30 am - 2:30 pm




The Annual Carnival is one of the largest fundraisers of the school year. We need volunteer, donation and sponsorship support from our Mitchell Community to make this a successful event.


Volunteers and Donations

  • Baked Goods Needed for Silly Sweets! We are in need of store bought or homemade baked goods for our Silly Sweets goodie booth at the carnival. (NO PEANUT PRODUCTS) Examples of items that have been brought in the past include: cookies, brownies, rice crispy treats, muffins, cupcakes, cake pops, etc. Please pre-package them 2-3 small items or 1 cupcake/muffin to a disposable baggie or container. They can be dropped off from April 25-27, and there will be volunteers available to collect them during drop off.
  • Tightrope Cakewalk (NO PEANUT PRODUCTS) We are in need of simple homemade or store bought cakes. One layer cakes are great and nothing elaborate is required. 1 box of cake mix will make 2-3 small single layer cakes. Please bring cakes in disposable containers labeled with your child’s name and teacher. Cakes can be dropped off from April 25-27, and there will be volunteers available to collect them during drop off.
  • Drink Donations: The Carnival Committee is currently looking for soda and bottled water for our Carnival Eats Food Court. Cans of any drink variety (regular or diet) and both large and small bottles of water would be appreciated. Any brand of soda is welcome! Please drop off your donations in the boxes located across from the office at the front of the school any time up until the week of the carnival.

To ensure that the Carnival runs smoothly and is loads of fun for our kids, we are in need of adult volunteers. Please consider working a 1-hour shift during setup on Friday, April 27th or during the Carnival on April 28th

VOLUNTEER SIGNUP by grade level:


Pre-K/ Kinder 

1st Grade 

2nd Grade 

3rd Grade 

4th Grade

5th Grade 

Dad's Club



Game Sponsorship

  • Purchase game sponsorship(s) for $25, $50, $100 or $150 each
  • Your name(s), child's name or business name will be displayed on game
  • Game Sponsorship 



  • Purchase photo-op(s) for $2 each
  • Two Photo Options are available: Get shot out of a cannon or Show off those strong muscles
  • Photos will be displayed at the Carnival and can be picked up during the Mitchell Carnival on April 28th. Photos will be taken during lunch Friday, March 23, April 6 & April 20 
  • Complete Photo-OP form and send to Mitchell with $2 per photo