Reflections is a National PTA

sponsored program that encourages and recognizes artistic  expression. 

This year’s theme is:

"Heroes Around Me"


Use your imagination to create a

film, song, artwork, song, photograph,

poem, story, or dance routine. 

Students may submit entries in multiple categories

and/or submit multiple entries same categories.

For Reflections guidelines and entry forms, visit:


Submissions will be due November 5th! 



We’ve put together some great tips if you think you want to enter the Reflections Program! What a great theme this year…"Heroes Around Me"!

·Make sure your main idea relates directly to the THEME! You should not have to write the theme on your artwork! It should be obvious how it connects! It is NOT A POSTER contest! It’s a visual art program!

· Do your VERY BEST work! Don’t start this the night before it’s due! Our past winners have said they started weeks in advance planning, working on their artwork, literature, photography, and music!

· You MUST WRITE AN ARTIST STATEMENTPretend the judges are right there in front of you. What would you tell them about your piece? How did you get your idea? Why did you choose the image to represent the theme? Is there a personal connection?

· Check the rules for measurements, thickness, length of writing, music , and film! We would hate for you to be disqualified after all of your hard work!

· Have fun and make sure it is your own work! No copyrighted characters or images, or lines or music from other artists!

· You can enter as many times as you want! Have an idea for art, writing, and photography? Great! Just fill out an entry form for each submission!

· Be Unique! Think of a different way to tell your story, create your artwork, or write a song! Have FUN!

Program Rules                  English Spanish
Student Entry Forms         English | Spanish