We are looking for our performers!  Here is how to audition!


  • Create a 30 second audition clip.
  • Send it to: TalentShow@mitchellpta.net
  • Send it by: April 12th
    In your email, include this information: Description of act, Student(s) name, grade, equipment requirement (microphone, audio, music stand, etc.)

* 3 Minute max performance
* Music in MP3 format


Mandatory Rehearsal on Monday, May 13th at 6pm




Q: What if I can't come to the rehearsal?
A: The rehearsal is mandatory. If you are absolutely unable to attend please contact Ms. Soledade (susan.soledade@pisd.edu) to arrange an alternate rehearsal. This must be pre-arranged and approved by Ms. Soledade.


Q: Can I wear a costume?
A: Yes! We are hoping to see many creative performances in costume. (School appropriate costumes, of course.)


Q: Can my student be in multiple acts?
A: Yes! We ask that there be no more than 1 solo performance, but a student can be in multiple group acts.


Q: Can adult perform with their student?
A: Yes


Q: Is there anyone who can help me create an act so I can participate?
A: Yes! Ms. Soledade (susan.soledade@pisd.edu) and Ms. Gaytan (laura.gaytan@pisd.edu) are excited to help any student who wishes to participate and needs guidance or help practicing. Contact them today!


Q: I submitted my audition. When will I know if it is approved?
A: Our Talent Show committee is reviewing submissions on April 15th. We will reply to those who auditioned to confirm they are approved for the Talent Show. If we need more information from you, we will contact you.


Q: Can staff or PTA Volunteers perform?
A: Why not? Send us your audition!



Any other questions?  Email TalentShow@MitchellPTA.net




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